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Check ADOPTION records; locate MISSING CHILDREN or relatives.

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How Many People Choose Adoption?

It is estimated that 118,779 children ware adopted in 1993 (National Center for State Courts). About half of these children were adopted by individuals not related to them and about half are adopted by relatives such as grandparents or stepparents. In 1999, 16,396 foreign-born children were adopted by U.S. families.

It is also estimated that there are at least 6 million adopted persons in the U.S. Counting biological parents, adoptive parents and siblings, 1 in 8 Americans are directly touched by adoption. This doesn't even include grandparents and other extended family members.

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People considering adoption have a range of options.

  • Agency Adoption (adopting through an adoption agency)
  • Private (or Independent) Adoption (adopting through an adoption attorney)
  • International Adoption (adopting a child from another country)
  • Foster Adoption (adopting a child from foster care through a public agency)
  • Stepparent Adoption (adopting your step child)
  • Adoption Facilitators (often faster, but more expensive and not allowed in every state)

Since adoption laws in the state where you live will, in most cases, govern your options, it is essential that you know what types of placements are allowed or not allowed by your state's adoption laws. If you pursue an adoption across state lines, you must comply with the laws in both states before the child can join your family. All 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands have enacted legislation (called the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children) that governs how children can be placed for adoption across state lines. – Internet’s Most Effective Registry of Hopeful Adoptive Parent Profiles

The best way for you to get actively involved in finding an adoption opportunity is to get your adoption profile up at  Because is part of the Family which has millions of pages visited monthly, this is by far the most consistent and effective way we have seen to use the power of the Internet to find adoption opportunities. allows birthparents to find your information from the privacy of their homes or from many other locations at the critical decision-making moment.  It is much more cost effective than printing and mailing color profiles, and it is much more effective at reaching birthparents. is a service of, and it is the most popular and successful registry of hopeful adoptive parents on the Internet.

Because it is part of the Family, it will often be the first and only registry of hopeful adoptive parents that a birthmother sees.  Through, you will receive the maximum amount of exposure for a minimal cost.  Read quotes from just a few of the many successful adoptive families who have created forever families through

To place a profile at, hopeful adoptive parents must first become pre-qualified in their state to adopt a child. In some states all that it required is a homestudy by a licensed adoption caseworker, while some states have further requirements. To find out your state’s requirements, visit and find an adoption professional in your area.

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