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Where can I find missing family members?

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Find missing family members

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Comments from Net Detective 2001 Users:

"Dear Jean Harris:

If you ever wondered what happens to your Net Detective product after you sell it, you'll find my story interesting. I am 34 years old, with a husband and two children, living in Oklahoma. I was adopted at age two and have been searching for my "birth mother" for the past five years.

A few weeks ago I purchased your Net Detective and within a few days had located my birth mother. She lives in a small town in Georgia. I contacted her on the phone and we talked for hours. It was the most emotional time of my life. We cried together and laughed together. It seems she has been trying to find me too. And I also discovered I have a brother and sister, both older than me.

Here is the really amazing part. My birth sister, Rhonda, lives here in Oklahoma in the same city as I do. In fact her house is about a mile from our house. She has two children and they go to the same school as my kids. It is just unbelievable. We got together for lunch yesterday and we even look alike. We really hit it off. This is so incredible for me. You can't imagine the feelings, to finally discover your true roots. This is probably the most emotional time of my life.

Excuse the tear drops on my letter.
Thank You"
(name withheld)

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